Fusion of modern and classic
Royal is the new collection that links a classic and a modern product: the new BLUM guides technologies are united in a old-class furniture, to create an elegant, luxury and functionality bathroom furnishing. Royal is available with ceramic top in this sizes: 71, 106 and 121 cm. Royal could be custom-made with the quartz marble plans.


A choice of elegance.
The protagonist of this collection is the color, realized with craftsmanship, that give custom and creative production with finishes which increase the value to Epoca collection. The modular components could be hanged with bases which have different solutions, to one purpose: satisfy the worldwide market.

Classic without time.
The most important features of this collection are the research of materials and the attention to the qualities of finishes. Mediterranea has essential and elegant components, which are enhanced by the marble’s tops with ice effect.

The top of refinement.
A project that have innovative features, an evolution in the bathroom’s furnitures. Luxor has a formal elegance and a polished design. The planning and the varieties of the product’s finishes , give a perfect customization of the bathroom, for satisfy the different desires.

Soft style.
The aged and coated colors are finalized to the refinement of Liberty’s modularity collection . The particularity of the greek fret situated in the middle of the furniture, enhances the value, highlighting the careful of the crafts man manufacturing.


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